Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Waterproof Topcoat Vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Images from Walmart.com and Ulta.com

Let's just get this out of the way right now. I am one of those people who wears mascara topcoats. Sure, it would be easier and cheaper to just get a waterproof mascara, but I'm complicated, and I like to test out every mini mascara sample I get from Sephora.

This habit of layering on a clear mascara topcoat over my regular mascara started a few years ago while I was interning at a magazine and helping out with the beauty page. There was a sample of Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat in the beauty closet, and I got to take it home (with permission, lol). It collected dust in my room for a few weeks before I finally used it to deal with my mascara-smudging problem. After consistent use, I could see that it worked well, but I didn't realize just how well until I found myself hysterically crying at the dentist's office after a painful procedure. I was wearing the topcoat on my lashes that day, and even after all those tears, my mascara was FLAWLESS. 

As with all products, there is a downside to this mascara topcoat, and it is the fact that it's hard to remove using cleanser alone (you have to use an eye makeup remover, oil, etc.) and it's expensive at $21. Still, I'd repurchase it if my budget allowed (now I just skip mascara when I can't deal with smudges at the end of the day). 

But you know what does work with my budget? A $6 Hard Candy topcoat from Walmart that claims to do the same thing. 

REVIEW: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Catherine (And I'm Baaack!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I'm quite aware I'm basically writing this post to myself since I have taken the longest break from blogging, and the readers I had were like, "Oh, welp, she's gone!" I like to think everyone says "welp" in my strange world. Anyway, here I am. Blogging. For you. Because I miss this corner of the blogosphere. 

And what better way to restart things than with a post dedicated to a lipstick from one of my favorite lines--the NARS Audacious collection! 

I normally start off my blog posts with some backstory about why and how, but long story short, I probably just bought this impulsively. :D Now let's begin:

REVIEW: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Natalie

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring is finally here, and I'm celebrating by adding some brighter lipsticks to my collection. One of them is this NARS Audacious Lipstick in Natalie, which NARS describes as a "flamingo" shade. I purchased it during the recent Sephora VIB sale, and I'm here to share my review. Read on my lovely ladies!

REVIEW: Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer in Beige 4

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer in Beige 4
I've been a longtime believer in drugstore foundations, and all but one of my foundations in current rotation can be bought at Target. So I normally wouldn't have thought twice about skipping out on this forty-four-dollar 1oz bottle of Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer in Beige 4 at Ricky's. . . until I found out it was on sale for 50% off!

So I bought one.

I've been trying it out for a few weeks, and here's my review.

The Two Beauty Products I've Stopped Using (For the Most Part)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

You can guess one just by looking at the picture. Give up? Read on for the answer.