REVIEW: Burberry Lip Cover in Oxblood

Monday, March 2, 2015

Years ago, I never would've dreamed of stepping outside my house wearing a lip color any darker than plum-pink. But my, how things have changed!

Somewhere down the road, as my confidence in wearing bolder lip colors increased, I went from plum pink to dark rose, to full-on reds and then to shades much, much darker than that. Now my friends, I'm pleased to share with you THE lipstick that might be helping me mark a milestone in my lip color beauty history: this vampy Burberry Lip Cover in Oxblood, which I impulsively bought at Nordstrom. Read on to see my full review and if this daring lipstick is here to stay.


The Burberry Lip Cover line claims to do a number of things: moisturize (because it contains oils), add a touch of radiance, last very long and give the appearance of fuller lips (because of anti-aging ceramides).


Burberry Lip Covers are housed in sturdy, metal, reflective containers. The cap features the signature Burberry check pattern, and the top can be used as a mirror when applying lipstick. The case uses a magnetic enclosure to keep the lipstick protected. Overall, the packaging makes the lipstick look very luxe. 

Color and Pigmentation

True to its name, "Oxblood" is a deep, oxblood shade, or a cool-toned, dark plum-red, although the lipstick bullet, in person, makes it seem darker than it actually is. It has a satin finish, and is very pigmented in one swipe. Although the Lip Cover line is advertised as having a touch of radiance, I didn't really notice any luminosity to the color--just a bit of shine from the satin finish.

Formula and Wearability

"Oxblood" was really easy to use. It was lightweight and glided on my lips very easily and evenly. It applies more like a gel lipstick, which I like, than a thicker-feeling wax-based one, and was slightly moisturizing. Although it claims to give the appearance of fuller lips, I didn't notice that effect (maybe it's because the shade is so dark, and dark lip colors almost always make lips appear smaller than they are). It lasted over 5 hours before fading into a nice, even stain. And it had great staying power even through eating and drinking. If I wasn't snacking or drinking during the day however, I can imagine this lipstick lasting even longer.

I'll admit, wearing this out in public for the first time wasn't the easiest. Since I had never worn an oxblood red lip before, I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. But I decided to treat it like an amped up version of a red lip and used very little eye and cheek makeup, paired it with simple solid tops and dresses, and it became much more wearable. It won't look goth-y if you don't want it to is what I'm saying.

This is more of a once-in-a-while or special occasion lipstick for me, since it is long-lasting (a quality you need to get you through long events), very dark and a bit pricey. But I picture myself pulling this out every time I need a vampy boost of confidence.

Note: I didn't apply the lipstick unevenly. The patchiness at the bottom right part of my lower lip is actually the reflection of the mirror I was holding. #bloggerproblems



Even though I was hesitant to try out "Oxblood" when I first bought it (despite my great experience with another shade of Lipcover), I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed. If you love vampy lips, this is a strong contender. For the color alone, this is a bit pricey and risky for a first-ever oxblood lipstick purchase, since I think there are some nice, more affordable versions out there, but performance-wise, it is a gorgeous product. Also, here's to another milestone. What's next? Black lipstick, maybe?

Do you ever wear oxblood lip colors? What are some of your faves?