#GirlswithOilyRootsProblems: A Review of Klorane's Citrus Pulp Line of Hair Products

Monday, February 24, 2014

How long before I regret the title of this post?

You may think I have it easy in the hair department because of my pin-straight locks, but just like everyone, I have my own share of hair hang-ups that I'm desperate to hide. Greasiness (my roots will look disgusting if I dare skip one day of hair-washing), tangles (I have broken many brushes, and have watched frustrated hairstylists razor out the knots in my hair before giving me a haircut) and clogging the shower drain with shed hair (sorry, TMI) are my main hair annoyances, but for the most part, I've never been able to fix these issues with my regular hair routine.

You might be surprised, but washing my hair with whatever sweet-smelling shampoo I could find at the drugstore, conditioning my hair with whatever conditioner was next to that shampoo, and then sleeping with uncombed wet hair has NOT provided me with the hair I've been coveting from those post-orgasmic-Herbal-Essences-hair-washing-session-commercials from the nineties. 

Tired of my lame haircare process, I decided to start trying out hair products actually aimed at my dealing with my hair woes. Just a couple of months ago, I purchased a Klorane shampoo and a leave-in spray with citrus pulp, both for oily hair, which I will be reviewing today. I've been using them almost every day, and I'm ready to review! Read on for my thoughts:

The Backstory

In case you're unfamiliar with the brand, Klorane is a French brand that uses a lot of plants in its products. For US consumers, Klorane products are sold on drugstore.com and some special pharmacies and they are on the pricey side. The shampoo with citrus pulp is $19.50 and the leave-in spray with citrus pulp is $16, both on drugstore.com.

Klorane's Normal to Oily Hair line consists of just the shampoo and leave-in spray. In both products, citrus pulp from the citron fruit is incorporated. The site claims that the pulp is "packed with amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates essential for naturally healthy, lustrous hair." As expected, both have a citrusy-scent that fortunately, does not smell like floor-cleaner.

The Products I Bought

The shampoo is meant for frequent use, and is designed to clarify normal to oily hair and to add vitality. Its second main ingredient, sulfate, is probably responsible for this clarifying process. I am normally opposed to using sulfate in products, but that ingredient works wonders in getting rid of product build-up on my scalp.

The citrus pulp leave-in spray, meanwhile, is meant for detangling and adding lightness, and is designed to replace your conditioner. This product contains hydrogenated castor oil and olive oil, which are both moisturizing, as well as white vinegar (hair benefits of it, here), which promotes shine by removing dullness-causing residue. It also helps the hair become silkier and smoother by closing the cuticle. 

Since we all know how to wash our hair (right?!?!?), I'll just explain the spray. The product packaging indicates that you can use this spray on damp or dry hair. I spray this on damp hair, starting from the middle and concentrating on the ends. Then I gently comb through with my fingers to get rid of any knots. 

My Overall Experience Using these Products

After having used both the shampoo and leave-in spray for over two months, my hair is becoming more manageable. For the most part, the shampoo did its job by removing product buildup every time I washed my hair. I still have to wash my hair every single day, but surprisingly, my scalp doesn't feel as dry after using this product, even though the shampoo contains sulfate. 

The real winner, however, is the citrus leave-in spray. It does an amazing job of instantly detangling my hair after my shower and adding more shine. I love that it doesn't weigh down my hair like regular conditioners. And since I don't use this in the shower, there's less hair clogging my drain! YAY! The only downside to this product (aside from the price) is that the hint of vinegar in the scent may turn some people off. But rest assured, the scent goes away so you will not have sour-smelling hair!

I am very happy with these latest additions to my hair routine, and even happier that I found a place in the city that sells both of those products for a lower price. Oily-haired ladies--check these out!