REVIEW: Cynthia Rowley New York Detailing Blending Sponge

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In a recent post, I mentioned how my first Beauty Blender knock-off purchase didn't go so well. Still on the market for a nice makeup sponge, I headed back to TJ Maxx and bought another Beauty Blender knock-off, the Cynthia Rowley New York Detailing Blending Sponge ($6 at TJ Maxx). Unlike last time, I actually read the box before leaving the store.

Read on for more pics and to find out whether this new purchase passes or fails in my book! 


This sponge claims to provide "a flawless, airbrushed look." It is labeled as hypoallergenic and latex-free. 


This product seems like a regular soft makeup sponge, but when you touch it, it feels soft in the "waist" and firm at both the narrow and wide ends. The firmness at both ends gives me great control over the application, and the "waist" area is comfortable to grip.


Following the directions on the back of the box, I dipped the sponge into water, and then squeezed out the excess water. As you can see from the pics below, the sponge expanded substantially. The first time I dipped the sponge in water, a bunch of the dye came off, turning the water light blue, which kinda creeped me out. The second time I used this product, no dye came out at all. The water was still murky, nevertheless.


I used the sponge to apply my Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Medium Beige for Combination/Oily Skin, following the instructions on the back of the packaging. Immediately, I noticed how natural the finish was, and how good the sponge was at filling in pores and covering the areas under my eyes and around my nose. The sponge also helped beautifully blend my cream concealer on my dark circles, without making the concealer look cakey.

As a sponge, this product caused me to use more foundation than I normally would. Sponges naturally soak up product, which is why I, for years, have stuck to brushes. However, I found that I got a more natural look using this sponge than using a brush. My skin actually looked like I was wearing less makeup!


Since the foundation application was very light, I found that my foundation would fade faster on oilier parts of my face, such as my t-zone. This wasn't too problematic visually, because the entire application was very light. Therefore, there wasn't a huge contrast in terms of coverage between faded areas and non-faded areas.  However, on very hot days when you want your foundation to stick, this might be an issue.

Wearing foundation only on the left side of the pic.


Although I haven't tried any other Beauty Blender knock-offs, on its own, this Blending Sponge is a solid choice for a more natural foundation application. I took points off because I think the dampness of the sponge interfered with the typical staying power of my foundation, but I'll continue using this product. Next time, I'll make sure to set my makeup with powder and use a setting spray in order for the airbrushed look to last.

Have any of you tried a blending sponge? 

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  1. I've recently purchased the beauty blender, but still not convinced it was worth the $26! I'd much rather purchase this one, in my opinion, they're exactly the same! xD Thank you for the review! <333

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