REVIEW: Ellis Faas Concealer in S203

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I like to think of myself as a planner, especially when it comes to stocking up on my favorite beauty products. So you can imagine my dismay Friday afternoon when I learned that I was out of my latest favorite concealer--By Terry Touch Expert! Not only was I upset that I now had to rush out and buy a new concealer (I cannot survive without concealer because if I don't have it, I'll look like a zombie), I was also annoyed at the $40 price tag plus tax that came along with it. 

Still, I made it to the village to C.O. Bigelow to pick up the concealer in my shade, but was again dismayed when I found out that they didn't have my color available! [I really feel like this post is already sounding like a First World Problem rant. UGH ME.] Anyway, I decided to make the most of my trip and browse the other concealers being sold at the pharmacy. With Makeup Alley on my phone screen, I started quickly looking up reviews for brands of concealers sold there. With good reviews from the Makeup Alley ladies and very cool  and modern packaging, the Ellis Faas Concealer ($40) definitely stood out to me, and after being color-matched by one of the sales ladies as S203, I ended up taking a concealer home! Phew! Read on for my full review.


From the Sephora website:
"A lightweight liquid concealer that helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections."


The concealer comes in a plastic mirrored container that's shaped like a pen. To dispense the product, you have to twist the bottom of the container several times. The product comes out of the brush end, which you can also use to blend the product under your eyes.


The pigmentation of the concealer was good--about a medium opacity. The consistency was lightweight and very blendable. As you can see from the swatch, the concealer blends nicely with the skin, even though my inner arm is lighter than the concealer.

Application and Wear Time

I used a concealer brush to apply the concealer in the shape of a pie below each of my eyes. Once I blended out the edges, the coverage looked natural. I could barely tell I was wearing concealer, and I often do not feel that way about concealers! I also applied product to some blemishes on my chin because the concealer matched my skin tone.

As for wear time, I tested this concealer for almost eight hours, and the coverage still looked intact by the end of the day. This concealer does crease a bit early on. With my super oily skin, I noticed creasing after the second or third hour. I usually get problems with creasing even with my favorite concealers because I have very oily skin, so the creasing wasn't a huge shock.



Even though this concealer did have some creasing, the very natural finish and good coverage of this concealer raises its points by a lot. Overall, I would recommend this to someone on the market for a new, lightweight concealer. However, I suggest you use a setting powder on top to extend the wear and reduce caking. 


  1. It looks very natural! I really like the sleek packaging as well. I too have super oily skin ugghhh. What products do you use to control it? I use 2-3 oil blotting sheets throughout the day (really annoying).

    1. Hi Kay! I use Murad Oil-Control Mattifier in SPF 15 as a primer every day, combined with Revlon ColorStay foundation for oily/combo skin. When I layer Smashbox Photo Finish primer on top of the mattifier, my skin gets even less oily throughout the day, and I only have to touch up maybe once a day :) I can't use the Smashbox primer daily, however, since it has silicon, which makes me break out :/ As for touching up, I love my Make Up For Ever Duo Mat powder :) Oily skin is so high-maintenance, haha.

    2. Okay thanks I'll have to look into those. Yes tell me about it! So high-maintenance grrr haha. Yeah i use an spf that has great oil control but it leaves a white film behind if I don't take the time to really blend it. I also use Benefits no-pore primer, it has a nice light tint and i like the smooth matte finish. :)

  2. It looks great! I can't even tell where you've used it!