REVIEW: Mia Bun Ease

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I have never been much of an updo person. After having long hair for so long, I've been accustomed to a quick, wash-and-go routine when it comes to hair care. Shampoo (preferably with a sulfate-free formula), condition, air dry, then go. (It's one of the perks of having straight Asian hair. And I don't feel bad about saying that because I have a ton of beauty hang-ups when it comes to skin :P) Taking the time to put my hair up is just unnecessary on most days when I'm scrambling to get out my house on time.

However, sometimes a special, random occasion comes up, and I want to try something new, but not permanent, with my 'do. One of the things I've been dying to try is the bun! I love the polished look of wearing a bun, but I am chock-full of excuses usually--my layered hair keeps slipping out of the bun, my thin hair makes a bun that's weirdly shaped or lop-sided, or that my decolletage just feels too cold when my hair is up! Clearly, my hair--and confidence, haha--needs some extra help in the updo department, so I watched a few sockbun tutorials. I tried out the sockbun tutorial on my hair (R.I.P. pink sock) but it didn't give me the kind of bun I wanted. That's where Mia Beauty Bun Ease ($6, Icing) comes in. 


Bun Ease is a hair tool to help you create the perfect bun. If you don't like the idea of cutting up an old sock to create a bun, this is an alternative.

  • Mesh donut. Mine is blonde, but I should've gotten the one for darker hair
  • 4 pins (I lost two of them already :/)
  • Nude colored hair tie 
  • Instructions (not pictured)

Directions (in my own words)
  • Put your hair in a ponytail.
  • Put the end of the pony tail through the center of the donut leaving it about three or more inches above the ends. If you have layered hair you might want to add more inches.
  • Tuck the ends into the center of donut.
  • Continue tucking more and more hair into the center of the donut. To do this, you have to roll the the donut closer to the top of the ponytail.
  • When you get to the top of the ponytail with the donut, secure with bobby pins.


Product Quality

I thought the Bun Ease was very handy. You can unroll the mesh, and cut it to make a smaller donut/smaller bun. Even though the donut loses its perfect donut shape over time, it is still functional. 



I give this a B+ because it does what it's supposed to do. I subtracted some points because it did lose its shape over time, and it's a bit pricey. But overall, it's a good product to achieve that perfect bun.

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  1. You should show us how you did that in video. Lol.