REVIEW: Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil in Tart

Saturday, April 13, 2013

As part of my Sephora Chic Week "splurge," I picked up Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil in Tart ($24). I've tried some Bite products at work and had great experiences with them, so I decided to check them out once again. This reddish pink stood out to me because it's very on-trend and would do a lot to spice up my typical makeup look. 


On the Sephora website, the product is described as a "long-lasting, matte lip color." It contains the antioxidant reservatrol, which supposedly has some anti-aging benefits. 

The shade I purchased, Tart, is described as a "soft cherry red." It's think it's more of a pinky, dark fruit punch shade--think of a bright red with a dash of white pigment mixed in. The color indicator on the bottom of the pencil is lighter than the actual product. 



The product comes in retractable pencil form, which is always handy. The packaging texture is very similar to NARS packaging, which is matte and dark. I find the packaging to be very stylish. However, just like with NARS packaging, I get a sense that this packaging will get dirty easily when coming into contact with powder makeup.


As the product description promises, it is very pigmented! 


The formula of this product is very creamy and moisturizing, making it a dream to apply and wear. I suggest that you don't leave the product near anything hot, because the product might melt. Even though Bite describes this as a matte, I didn't find it to be truly matte when first applied to the lips. I thought the finish was a tad shiny and reflected a bit of light, so semi-matte would be a more accurate description. However, if you apply very little product and blot your lips, you can get rid of the slight shine, and only then does it appear matte.

This lip color lasted me about six hours before there was some noticeable fading on my upper lip. There is some transfer when wearing this product while eating and drinking.



Aside from the confusion about the actual color and finish, I think Tart is very wearable, highly-pigmented, moisturizing and long-lasting.