REVIEW: Pixi Natural Brow Duo

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is soon approaching, and I'm hoping for some nice, warm, comfortable, sandal weather! I'm also ready to shake up my makeup routine. Coral lipstick, pastel eyes (not necessarily together), here I come! For spring/summer, not only do I tend to wear less makeup and lighter colors, I also tend to go softer on my eyebrow makeup.

For this review, I will be discussing the Pixi Natural Brow Duo ($18, Target).


This is a double-ended product with a pencil side and a brow gel side, both in neutral, medium brown colors. The pencil side is retractable, and has an angled tip. 


From the swatch, you can see that the pigmentation is good. It has a waxy appearance to it, which helps in making the eyebrows look more natural versus hard and intense. The color is buildable so you can use this to add definition if you press firmly.


I felt like this product gave my brows a very natural look. I've tried some brow pencils before that looked too shiny or harsh on my eyebrows. This product is mostly fool-proof, since the waxy finish makes it hard for you to go overboard unless you press really hard. It seems to stick quite well, and doesn't fade throughout the day, which will come in handy when temperatures start to rise.

One issue I have with the product is that the slanted edge of the pencil--while really helpful to use in defining my arches--gets tricky to use as I try to fill in my brows at the start of my brows. Because of the shape of the pencil, I had to angle the pencil in a different way. At first, the pencil strokes I did at my inner brows looked really harsh and square, but I fixed this problem up by blending the pencil with an eyebrow brush. A minor issue is that, since this is a "natural brow duo," the product won't give you sharp strokes. So for people with thin brows who like very dark and defined arches, or people who have very dark eyebrow hair, this might not be for you because it has a blurred effect. But if you have overall sparse brows and want the appearance of thicker, yet natural-looking brows, this would be a good choice.

Me with bare brows. Apparently, I should have used some regular gel on my hair.

Me wearing both the pencil and gel on my brows.



If you have overall light, sparse brows like me and want a natural look by using pencil, you'll like this brow duo. Plus, the packaging makes it easy to slip into your purse to touch-up your brows while you're on-the-go. 

Thanks for reading!