REVIEW: Cargo Blush in Catalina

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I have an attraction to the uncommon, the unknown, the exotic and even the marginal. Examples of this attraction: I like accents, I majored in a foreign language in college, I love foreign foods, and I enjoy learning about various subcultures. When it comes to makeup, I'm pretty much the same. If I can get my hands on something special, not-so-talked-about yet absolutely wonderful, it makes me feel really proud! And that's how I feel about the product I'm going to review in today's post: Cargo Blush in Catalina ($30, Duane Reade stores).


Catalina is a matte, cool-toned, bright pink blush.


Like many Cargo products, this blush comes in a circular tin that you need to pull off in order to open.


As a blush, Catalina was highly pigmented. Although the brightness of the blush was a bit intimidating, when blended, the color looked very soft.


I tested the wear for 8 hours, and the blush hadn't faded by the end of the day. I think the color would look great on very pale skin tones, but would also work on those with cool-toned medium skin tones.


I love how natural yet glowy this blush looks on my cheeks. I've been wearing nude pink blush for months, but I think this will be the blush I will be reaching for during the spring. The only reason why I hesitate to give it an A+ is because of the packaging. Although I don't mind the tin material or simple packaging, I think the pull-off cap just isn't practical.I just know how accident-prone I am, and how I'll one day find myself knocking the cover to the ground! But if you can get past the packaging, I think this is an excellent blush.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. That blush looks so gorgeous on you! I especially love it's cool-toned glow!!! You're making me want to pick one up too!

    1. Thanks!! OMG You should try it! At least swatch it lol! The staying power was amazing. They have it at our local Macy's in the impulse section :)