REVIEW: Cargo Blush in The Big Easy

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ever since I bought my first Cargo blush last week and absolutely LOVED it, all I've been thinking about is buying another one! [Sidenote: I have an obsessive/addictive personality.] Unlike lip colors and eyeshadows which I have a ton of, blush is a territory where I've mostly played it safe. For example, if I have a pink blush, it will be my ONLY pink blush till I use it all up. I'm starting to be more adventurous with my cheek color choices, however, since spring is here, and I have a neutral skin tone that makes it pretty easy to choose makeup colors. 

So a few days ago, on a trip to my local mall, and after several agonizing minutes of debate, I purchased another Cargo blush called The Big Easy ($29, Macy's), which I will be telling you about today. 


The Big Easy is a shimmery, very pale, peachy-pink blush. It looks like a sister of NARS Deep Throat, except that The Big Easy is lighter and has more white in it. Deep Throat looks darker and more concentrated. 


As with many Cargo containers, this blush came in a circular tin that has to be pulled off to be opened. 


The pigmentation is good, but because there is some white in the formula, it swatches quite light. Although there is some small glitter in the blush, the glitter is not very noticeable once the blush is blended. 


This blush lasted me a full day without any fading. It has a very natural look to it. On my neutral to cool skin, it looks slightly red. 



I like the staying power, blendability and natural flush this blush gives my cheeks, but I wish it was just a bit darker. Also, the packaging is not my favorite. But, overall, I think those with fairer and warmer complexions would like this blush. For darker skin tones, this blush is simply too light.