REVIEW and Swatches: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I've been seeing OCC Lip Tars pop up in magazines for years. The concept: "100% vegan and cruelty-free," plus high-impact color to last you for most of the day. I would've take the dive at buying their products sooner, but years ago I hated the idea of online shopping, and I had no clue how to use the subway to get to their Lower East Side location. As soon as I heard that my local Sephora would be carrying the brand, I was super excited, and bought a few shades to try out. For this review, I'll be discussing lip tars in shades: NSFW, Anime and Strumpet ($18 each).


From their website:
NSFW is a true, balanced red.

Anime is a vibrant neon pink.

Strumpet is a deep red-burgundy.


OCC lip tars are known for being highly pigmented. All you need is a small dot of the product to cover your entire lips. I found that NSFW and Strumpet did look quite similar in photos, although they looked very different in the tubes. NSFW also looks a bit warm.

These dots are more than you'll need to color your lips! 

NSFW, Anime and Strumpet. Glossy when swatched, matte when applied.


The first time I tried the lip tars, I accidentally put too much. I thought it was supposed to look glossy. So when I noticed that the lip color was starting to bleed, I was freaking out. I checked out their website's FAQs which mentioned that the finish is supposed to be matte, and that bleeding is NOT supposed to happen. If the lip color starts to bleed, it simply means you've used TOO MUCH. But for the pictures below, I used as little as possible. As you can see, the color was still very opaque. 

I was a bit disappointed with the finishes since I was expecting more dramatic results (I did, after all, think the finishes were supposed to be glossy). For example, I would've loved for Anime to be extremely bright and in-your-face, but as a satin, it looked very safe. Same goes with the other shades. I guess the softer finishes make the shades more wearable. 



One thing I like about the lip tars is that they feel weightless. However, you definitely will remember you wore lip color because the lip tars do transfer. After about four hours, I noticed that the lip color on my top lip had significantly faded (I had been eating and drinking), but the lip color on my bottom lip had stayed put. 


Even though I was initially disappointed that the colors were not as bright when applied on the lips, I do think the colors are still very wearable. I probably will repurchase to check out the colors, and possibly mix them to create a signature shade. I love personalization! 

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