NOTD: Mint and Dots Overload

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How are awkwardly long fingers supposed to look graceful? 
I painted my college apartment bedroom spearmint. It had off-white trim and an icy pink door. It was my heaven. Tranquil, had a lock, let in lots of sunshine. Sadly I moved out of that apartment after a year, and now someone else is enjoying those spearmint walls. Fortunately, I still have the memories. . . and the bad pics I took with my Blackberry.

Anyways, I do love mint. So of course, I would love it as a nail color. I didn't always think mint suited me till a makeup artist I was interviewing for a college assignment told me I was a neutral and that I could wear any color I wanted. After the identity crisis (of thinking I was warm-toned because that's what all Asians supposedly are--thank you teen magazines for generalizing everyone!), I started to really enjoy having a neutral skin tone. You just have more options that way. I can wear an icy pink lip gloss OR an orange lip color without looking sickly. Woot! The bad is I still don't like mixing warm and cool colors together. You can't win. -__-

What I'm wearing: Essie Mint Candy Apple and a white dotting pen from The Face Shop