NOTD: Glamorous Nudes

Monday, March 4, 2013

I love nude pink nails for the same reason I love nude anything--the color is versatile and timeless! For this nail of the day look, I used Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color in Private Viewing as the background color. About three coats were needed to get the opacity achieved in the pic above. Then I used a silver glittery nail color with a striping brush from the Kiss Nail Artist Paint and Stencil Kit to trace the top of the fingernail. To create the softened V shape, I used a white nail color, also from the kit. To do this, I placed the white striping brush at one side of my nail (at half of the height of my nail) and dragged it in an arch it to the center of nail. Then I repeated the process on the other side. To create the dots, I dipped a dotting pen from the Sephora Nail Art Set into the white nail color I previously used, and added the dots just below the V shape.

This look can take quite a while if you want everything to look as symmetrical and neat as possible. For me, it's definitely worth it because it's something different. I've only tried this nail look one other time, and I remember getting a ton of compliments :) NOTE: I know my nails still aren't completely perfect :P

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