INTERLUDE: Souvenirs from Korea

Thursday, March 21, 2013

One of my close friends recently visited Korea, and brought back with her some small goodies for me. I was so surprised when she pulled these out since I clearly remember not pestering her about getting me a souvenir! Anywhoo, I love the graphic design and would totally buy these items for myself! Proof that she knows me well. Below is a closer look at the items. Enjoy :) 

1) Etude House Hello Kitty Tender Powder Cake Fragrance

Guess who's going to smell like a baby tomorrow? MEEEEEE!!!!!!

For Sale in Korea ONLY. Makes me feel special since I'm one of the few who has it in the US.

2) Hello Kitty Super Sticky Post-It Notes

I may not even write on them. They're too pretty. That's a sign of true love--not feeling compelled to change your significant other. I mean, object.

3) Designed by Redeye Rose Earrings

Not only do I get these really cute rose earrings, I also finally learn the correct lyrics to a Jason Mraz song! #WINWIN.